Fabien Riolet



As a networker who successfully harnesses energies and is convinced of the great growth potential of businesses pooled together in a network/sector, Fabien Riolet intends to continue to champion employment opportunities, reindustrialization, relocation and the Made in France concept. Fabien Riolet holds a post-Master's Degree in the History of Law and Political Thought (Paris II Assas), a post-Master's Degree in Public Law (Tours) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration. This specialist in economic development pursued his career in private practice and in an economic development agency (regional marketing, sector management), before joining Polepharma in 2014 as Managing Director.

Speaker on

Relocating pharmaceutical production to Europe

Round Table
06/05/2024 | 16:30 - 17:30 | Theater #2