The event The Pharma Days (hereinafter TPD) is owned by MIND EXHIBITIONS SAS, a limited liability company with capital of 1,000 euros registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 881 024 384, whose registered office is located at 37-39 Avenue Ledru Rollin, 75012,
Paris (APE code: 8230Z / EU VAT: FR92881024384) and organised by PALEXPO SA (hereinafter the Organiser), company whose goal is to own, to manage and to operate the exhibition and congress center of Geneva / Switzerland (hereinafter PALEXPO).

The Pharma Days will take place at PALEXPO, from 5th to the 6th June 2024.
Opening hours(*)
Wednesday 5 June 2024 9:00am-6:00pm
Thursday 6 June 2024 9:00am-4:30pm
(*)subject to modification

3.1 Formalities
Legal entities (companies and organizations) wishing to take part in TPD as Exhibitors must register by means of the Booking Form.
This Request for Admission must be returned by the Exhibitor and/or co-exhibitor duly filled in, dated and signed.
The return of the Booking Form in no way constitutes an automatic right to participate in the Show. The Booking Form will be provisionally registered by the Organizer, who will evaluate it by applying the criteria set out in Article 5 of these Regulations.
3.2 Legal status of the Entry Form
The Booking Form has the status of a firm offer to contract by virtue of the signature of the Exhibitor. The Booking Form then acquires the status of a contract once it has been registered and confirmed in writing to the Exhibitor by the Organiser (article 5.4).
By signing the Booking Form, the Exhibitor:
• Undertakes to participate in the exhibition;
• Undertakes to abide by the articles of the present Regulations, the conditions of the Booking Form, the tariff conditions and any other contractual document which might bind him to the Organiser;
• Undertakes to pay the amounts due (article 8.1) even if, for any reasons whatsoever, he subsequently decides not to take part in the exhibition or were to be prevented from doing so. Every subsequent amendment to or revocation of the Entry Form shall be governed by the provisions of articles 7 and 9 of the present Regulations;
• Acknowledges that he is personally liable for the payment of expenses incurred by the Organiser or by third parties for equipping his stand or for any other service connected with his participation in the exhibition;
• Accepts, unless the Organiser is notified to the contrary, that the information concerning his personnel, his company and his visitors may be processed for statistical and promotional purposes by the Organiser or a third party commissioned by the Organiser.
3.3 Transferability and sub-letting
Exhibitors do not have the right to transfer or to sub-let all or part of the stand area which they have been allocated.

4.1 Main selection criteria
All Entry Forms submitted by the different Exhibitors will be examined by the Organiser and the Exhibition Committee, who will make the selection based mainly upon the following criteria:
• Availability of exhibition space;
• The conformity of the exhibited objects and services with the event
• The payment of the amounts due (article 8).
4.2 Conditions of Admission
Only the Organiser shall take the final decision as to whether or not to admit individuals or corporate entities as well as exhibits. It may reject any Entry Form without having to state the reasons.
No claims by Exhibitors or third parties regarding the admission or non-admission of individuals or corporate entities, or concerning exhibits, will be admitted.
Special requests concerning the stand location or requests for a competitor to be excluded cannot be accepted as a condition of entry by an Exhibitor.
4.3 Refusal of admission
The Organiser may refuse admission in particular in the following cases:
• If, based on any information made available to the Organiser, the Exhibitor jeopardizes or risks jeopardizing the smooth operation of the exhibition, the reputation or the material of the Organiser;
• If the Exhibitor fails to comply with one or more obligation(s) that he has towards the Organiser or a company connected with the latter, notably if he does not meet his financial obligations.
Refusal of admission shall be notified to the Exhibitor in writing, no later than 30 days after receipt of the Entry Form. Further refusal of admission may also be notified by the Organiser, when any relevant information is made available to the Organiser.
Refusal of admission cannot entail any consequence for the Organiser other than the reimbursement of any sum already paid. Under no circumstances will the Organiser be liable for any damages whatsoever.
4.4 Admission acceptance
Acceptance of the Booking Form shall be notified in writing by the Organiser to the Exhibitor or to the delegate. This notification alone constitutes acceptance by the Organiser of the Exhibitor, subject to the effective and full payment of the amounts due to the Organiser (article 8). Any prior exchange of letters or any documents between the Organiser and the Exhibitor cannot under any circumstances be deemed to constitute acceptance.
Upon acceptance, the settlement of the aforementioned amounts becomes due, and applies even if the Exhibitor should subsequently cancel his participation for any reason whatsoever (article 7.2).

5.1 Choice of surface
The Exhibitor expresses his choice of surface through the Booking Form, by mentioning the choice directly on the application form.
5.2 Allocation of the surface area and the stand location
The Organiser alone is responsible for the allocation of the stand area and its location, taking into account the criteria listed in article 5.1 and following receipt of the payment (article 4.4).
The Organiser endeavours to establish a floor plan, taking into account the Exhibitor’s wishes regarding the stand surface area. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the dimensions or the configuration of the stands within acceptable limits and to an extent which is compatible with the layout concept and the overall presentation of the exhibition. The exercise of such a prerogative shall not under any circumstances give rise to any compensation whatsoever to the Exhibitor.
The allocation of the stand is notified to the Exhibitor by the sending of the invoice.
5.3 Occupation of the stand
Occupation of the stand area is subject to payment in full of the amounts due (article 8). Subject to these payments being made, the stand area will be made available to the Exhibitor at the beginning of the official assembly period, whose date will previously have been communicated to him, subject to the Organiser’s right to impose shorter time-limits.

6.1 Cancellation by the Organiser
Should it transpire that the conditions for admission are not met or cease to be met or should it transpire that admission was granted on the basis of the provision of inaccurate information or data, the Organiser may cancel the Exhibitor’s admission at any time without, in so doing, giving rise to any payment other than the possible reimbursement of the amounts paid. Under no circumstances may the Organiser be held liable for any damages whatsoever.
The Organiser is not obliged to state the reasons for its decision.
6.2 Cancellation by the Exhibitor
An Exhibitor wishing to terminate the contract binding him to the Organiser must notify the latter in writing.
The Exhibitor, however, is not thereby released from his commitments. He remains liable for:
• The total amount of the registration fees as well as the rental price of the stands surface;
• The cost of the installations ordered and already carried out;
• The cost of advertising ordered and already executed;
• Any ancillary expenses.
However, the Organiser may reduce his claims related to the booking to:
• 50% of the total rental fee, plus any ancillary expenses and any other amounts for which he is liable if the Exhibitor informs the Organiser 90 days prior to the official opening date of the Show (in the event of postponement of an edition, the date initially scheduled shall prevail).
In the event of cancellation after 11th March 2024, the total rental cost, plus any other ancillary expenses already incurred, will be charged, regardless of any rental of the stand surface to a third party by the Organiser.
The Exhibitor remains liable for 100% of the rental amount, plus payment of costs already incurred, any ancillary costs and any other amount for which he is responsible, if he notifies the Organizer less than 90 days before the official opening date of the Show (in the event of postponement of an edition, the date initially scheduled shall prevail).
In the event that all or part of the surface area left vacant by the Exhibitor is allocated to a new Exhibitor or transferred to an Exhibitor to whom a site had already been allocated (transfer carried out by the exhibition Organiser), the Exhibitor who has withdrawn will nevertheless have to pay the total amount of the rental price of the stand surface area plus any ancillary expenses.
The Organiser may dispose of a stand that remains unoccupied. The defaulting Exhibitor loses all entitlement to his stand. He is nevertheless liable for the total amount of the rental price of the stand surface area and the ancillary expenses. Furthermore, the Organiser reserves the right to pass on to the Exhibitor concerned the expenses resulting
6.3 Reduction by the Exhibitor of the surface area after stand allocation
If an Exhibitor reduces the surface area of his stand after it has been allocated to him by the Organiser, he remains liable for the total amount of the rental price of the exhibition surface area and the ancillary expenses.

7.1 Rental fee
The rental fees are all stated on the Booking Form.
7.2 Terms of payment of the various charges
Payment for fees in articles 7.1 must be made within the time specified on the invoice.
The supplementary orders placed by means of the order forms will be charged according to article 8.1.
The Organiser must be in possession of payment or documentary evidence of payment by no later than the first day of official build-up period, failing which the Organiser is entitled, without specific prior notice and/or notification, to deny the Exhibitor access to the premises or have his stand removed without delay and at the Exhibitor’s expense.

8.1 Invoices and terms of payment
The Organiser’s invoices are payable within the time specified on the invoice and without discount. Payments must be made in Swiss francs (CHF) and by payment to the bank account(s) mentioned on the invoices or by credit card.
Expenses relating to the additional services will be invoiced to the Exhibitor prior to, during and after the exhibition. The invoicing system consists of one final invoice.
8.2 Swiss value-added tax (VAT)
The Organiser’s services are subject to VAT unless an exemption is granted by virtue of articles 143 to 150 LTVA (Federal law of November 27th, 2009). The services rendered to Exhibitors domiciled outside Switzerland are also subject to VAT, since it is the place of execution of the service, (i.e. Switzerland) which is the determining factor. However, such Exhibitors have the option, subject to certain conditions, of applying for reimbursement of these taxes.
VAT is applied/payable at the rate of 8.1% (subject to modification).
Unless otherwise specified, the prices quoted in these regulations do not include VAT.
8.3 Failure to observe payment deadlines
The Organiser is entitled to suspend the execution of all its obligations in the event of non-payment, without sending any prior notification.
Non-payment by the due date of each invoice shall entail by right the liability to pay interest on arrears at the rate of 5% per annum without any prior notification being required.
In the event of failure to observe the deadlines or to pay the rental price, the Exhibitor shall nevertheless not be released from his liabilities. He shall remain liable for all the items set out in article 6.2 which includes also the cost for technical installations and/or other services which he has ordered and which have already been executed.
8.4 Complaints concerning invoices
Each complaint concerning an invoice must be lodged no later than 30 days after the date of invoicing. Such a complaint does not affect in any way the obligation of the Exhibitor to pay other invoices which are payable at the time of the complaint and do not entitle him to suspend any payment whatsoever to the Organiser or to suspend any other obligation whatsoever towards the latter.
After expiry of this time-limit no complaint will be entertained and the payments shall be due to the Organiser.

9.1 Exhibitor passes
Exhibitor passes for stand staff will be allocated free of charge to the Exhibitor, according to the allocated stand area on the ground.
9.2 Invitations
Free delegate invitations to the exhibition will be allocated free of charge to the Exhibitor.
9.3 Delegates’ admission fee
Delegate pass Industry Expert Non Service Provider CHF 650.-
Delegate pass Supplier Service Provider CHF 915.-
Registration will include for all delegates:
  • Full access to the conferences & debates
  • Morning & afternoon coffee breaks
  • Lunch
  • Matchmaking App for business meetings with delegates, exhibitors & speakers

Participants attending the event, who require an entry visa into Swiss territory and/or any specific authorisation in connection with the exhibition must undertake the necessary formalities well in advance of their departure for Switzerland. In order to obtain an entry visa into Switzerland, participants should contact the Swiss Embassy or Swiss Consulate in their country of origin.
Exhibitors are also responsible for ensuring that their co-Exhibitors comply with all applicable formalities, in particular the consular formalities.
Upon written request, the Organiser will supply a confirmation of participation. The Organiser is under no circumstances liable for any refusal of visas or other authorisations.

The online shop, the internet selling system of the services provided by PALEXPO, is an integral part of the present Regulations.

12.1 Decoration Regulations
TPD is a modular show where stands are assembled and supplied (the package included is  all stated on the Booking Form).
The exhibitor is responsible for setting up his own stand. He is obliged to decorate it using materials that are not easily combustible or fireproof. As a general rule, all hazardous materials are excluded. In
the event of damage, the Organizer is entitled to take all necessary measures at the Exhibitor's expense, and will hold the latter responsible.
The Organiser further reserves the right to remove or alter installations which might disrupt the general decoration of the exhibition, neighbouring Exhibitors or the public or which in general, would not conform to the plan submitted previously, at the expense and risk of the offending party.
Due to the shell structure offered, the Organiser will allow space only builds on a case by case basis.
Space only stands do not include any walling, flooring, furniture or electrics.
All stand layout projects must be submitted to and approved by the Organizer
12.2 Operation of stands
Exhibitors are required to ensure that their stands are permanently staffed during exhibition opening hours. Stands must not be dismantled prior to the official closing time.
12.3 Observance of exclusivity contracts
Exhibitors and co-Exhibitors must observe the exclusivity contracts concluded by the Organiser with certain suppliers and service providers, such as:
• Automatic banking facilities;
• Fixed and mobile advertising areas outside and inside the building, including their contents may not be removed or concealed;
• Handling, loading and unloading of goods as well as the rental of handling equipment.
12.4 PALEXPO Catering exclusivity
Customers must respect the catering exclusivity of PALEXPO as set out below:
Commercial catering facilities, Conference Centre and Villa Sarasin
a) The operation of the fixed catering facilities is to be conducted solely by “Palexpo Restaurants”, the official PALEXPO onsite caterer, for the permanent bars and restaurants as well as for the Conference Centre and the Villa Sarasin;
b) The temporary set up of restaurants and bars within the exhibition halls or elsewhere is to be conducted solely by “Palexpo Restaurants”.
Catering services in the halls
c) Their operation is to be conducted solely by “Palexpo Restaurants” and its approved partners*, namely for:
• The preparation and delivery of food and beverages to the stands;
• The running of restaurants on exhibitors’ stands.
* You can find the list of PALEXPO SA approved catering Partners by following this link:

13.1 Safety regulations for exhibits
The Organiser reserves the right to verify the safety of exhibits and to ensure that they were mentioned on the Application Form. If necessary, the Organiser reserves the right to remove, at the Exhibitor’s expense, any dangerous objects whose admission has not been requested or granted on the required forms, without the latter having any recourse whatsoever against the Organiser or being able to claim any compensation whatsoever.
13.2 Smoking prohibition
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside our venue.
All users of the PALEXPO site are requested to comply with, and to enforce, the no smoking prohibition everywhere inside the PALEXPO premises.
Thank you for respecting this legal provision and for including it in all your documents.
This ban also applies to any device with similar usage and effects to a cigarette, - whether the similarity be due to the technical characteristics, the usage procedure or the substances involved – or that may produce smell that could bother third parties (e.g. e-cigarettes).

The Organiser has the exclusive right to publish the official catalogue and also reserves the option of publishing other printed matter.
The catalogue entry is free of charge and is compulsory. Exhibitors and co-Exhibitors are required to supply the information necessary for their registration and for their inclusion in the official catalogue (printed version), upon receipt of the appropriate form.
The Organiser declines any responsibility for entries which contain errors, are incomplete or are not submitted.
The conditions and cost of advertising are specified on the order form.

15.1 Advertising
All sales promotion activities, surveys and the distribution of publicity materials and any other form of publicity are authorised only on the Exhibitor's stand and on the publicity boards or other official advertising panels available for hire from the Organiser.
Exhibitors are strictly prohibited from using audio-visual equipment in such a manner that the messages disseminated or shown may be seen or heard on one or more neighbouring stands.
Any false or misleading advertising, of any nature whatsoever, is strictly prohibited and the perpetrator thereof may be expelled immediately from the event (article 19).
15.2 Photography
The Exhibitor formally authorises the Organiser, free of charge, to:
• Photograph and/or film the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor’s team and the exhibits on his stand.
• Utilise these images in any medium, notably for promotional purposes in Switzerland and abroad for an unrestricted period of time.

The Exhibitor and the co-Exhibitor are bound to respect the trademark, the graphic charter and the logo of TPD 2024 and of the Organiser PALEXPO SA.

17.1 Intellectual Property
The Exhibitor and the co-Exhibitor must observe the rights of intellectual property (patents, designs, topographies, copyrights, trademarks, graphic charters, logos, etc.) of other Exhibitors and co-Exhibitors as well as those of the Organiser PALEXPO SA.
Exhibitors and co-Exhibitors are particularly bound to observe the use of the trademark, the graphic charter and the logo of TPD 2024.
By submitting the Booking Form, the Exhibitor agrees to submit, during and within the exhibition and/or a virtual platform of the exhibition, any dispute, claim or complaint related to the objects exhibited based on intellectual property rights protected in Switzerland (with the exception of patents) to the "Palexpo Trade Fairs Fast-Track Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution Procedure", insofar as these rights are protected in Switzerland. The detailed provisions of the accelerated procedure are available at
The "Fast-Track Procedure" has been developed in collaboration with the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Its purpose is to protect Exhibitors and third parties against infringement of their intellectual property rights during the exhibition.

18.1 Compliance with applicable regulations
Each of the Exhibitors declares, by delivering the Admission Request to the Organiser, that him/her/itself and each of his/her/its potential auxiliaries (irrespective of the qualification of the legal relationship between them), comply and will comply throughout the duration of the event concerned with all applicable regulations concerning data protection, including in particular the Federal act on data protection and, as applicable, the General Data Protection Regulation.
18.2 Collection of personal data by the Exhibitors
As a preliminary point, all Exhibitors are reminded that the collection and use of personal data for promotional purposes can be potentially sensitive from the point of view of data protection law and that the consequences of non-compliance with the regulations in force can be significant.
Each Exhibitor is authorised to collect personal data from visitors to its stand and shall ensure, if necessary by requesting identity documents from the customers concerned, that this data is accurate. In any event, the collection and processing of sensitive personal data and profiling activities by each Exhibitor is prohibited.
18.3 Communication of personal data by the Organiser
Provided it has first obtained the consent of the persons concerned, the Organiser may communicate to Exhibitors, on commercial terms to be agreed separately, the personal data of visitors to the event concerned or to any other event.
Each Exhibitor acknowledges and accepts that the Organiser, if it provides this personal data, will provide it "as is" and without guarantee of any kind whatsoever. Within the legally authorised limits, the Organiser excludes all liability in connection with the use, by each Exhibitor, of the personal data provided to them.

19.1 Responsibility for exhibits – sales promotion activities – operation of stands
The Organiser does not accept any obligation to protect exhibits and stand equipment or fittings and refuses to accept, without prejudice to art. 100 paragraph 1 of the Swiss Code of Obligations, any liability for loss or damage, either during the time for which the objects are on the PALEXPO site or during carriage thereof.
The Organiser also refuses to accept any liability for any damage resulting from sales promotion activities and presentations given by the Exhibitor and from the operation of the stands.
19.2 Liability for auxiliary staff
By virtue of article 55 and article 101 of the Swiss Code of Obligations, the Exhibitor is responsible for damages caused by his suppliers, stand builders and other agents.
19.3 Insurance
It is compulsory for each Exhibitor to be insured against the risk of fire. If he cannot prove in writing that he holds such insurance cover, he must take out insurance against this risk, either through a third party, or through the Organiser.
Furthermore, Exhibitors are also strongly recommended to insure their exhibits, as well as their stands and their equipment and fittings, against damage and loss during the exhibition and during carriage. The Exhibitor may also take out such insurance through the Organiser.
Exhibitors are liable for any damage caused to other stands, the exhibition installations, to the person and property of other parties, including to the Organiser, whether the damage has been caused, in any manner whatsoever, through their own fault or by a third party commissioned on their behalf.
All risks are entirely the responsibility of the Exhibitors, who will be able to take out individual insurance policies if they consider it necessary (third-party liability for damage caused to third parties and premises, accidents, theft, etc.).
The Organiser declines any liability for the loss or disappearance of, damage to or theft of goods and exhibits in any circumstances and at all times.

Any breach of one of the clauses of the present Exhibition Regulations, instructions and provisions of the Organiser may entail the immediate, temporary or definitive expulsion of the offending Exhibitor, without prejudice to any other sanctions or liabilities incurred by him and without him being able to claim any reimbursement or compensation whatsoever.
The expelled Exhibitor remains liable for the payment of the amounts due (article 7), for all the expenses already incurred, plus all the ancillary expenses. The same applies to co-Exhibitors.
The Organiser will then be able to dispose of the stand site thus vacated as it thinks fit.

For imperative reasons or in the event of force majeure (*), the Organiser is entitled to postpone the holding of the exhibition, to shorten or extend its duration or to cancel it without Exhibitors being entitled to withdraw or to claim any compensation.
In the event of cancellation by the Organiser for cause of force majeure, the rental price of the exhibition surface area remains due up to the amount which corresponds to the expenses incurred by the Organiser. Any remaining funds available, if applicable, will be reimbursed to Exhibitors after the deduction of expenses. Conversely, Exhibitors may not claim any compensation for the failure to hold the exhibition.
Any cancellation by an Exhibitor for cause of force majeure (*) must be notified in writing to the Organiser as rapidly as possible, mentioning the existence of the impediment and its consequences upon his ability to take part.
If the Exhibitor is prevented from taking part due to force majeure, the cost of the surface area rental will be reimbursed as well as the other costs to which he is committed, subject to the retention of any registration fees or other fees for services already provided by the Organiser.
(*) Force majeure cases: any external, unforeseeable and extraordinary event, independent of the will of the parties, beyond their control and unable to be prevented by the parties, despite all possible reasonable efforts to the contrary such as, for example, unforeseeable political, natural, economic or health-related events. Influenza epidemics or any other difficulty of a public health nature are not considered to be a case of force majeure, except in the case where the event is forbidden from taking place by a decision from the authorities.

In the event that the Organiser should decide not to hold the exhibition for any reason whatsoever but which does not constitute a case of force majeure, the Exhibitor shall be only entitled to reimbursement of the instalments and invoices already paid, without the Exhibitor being able to claim any entitlement to any compensation whatsoever owing to the failure to hold the exhibition.

In the event of a dispute and prior to any procedure, the Exhibitor or the co-Exhibitor undertakes to submit his complaint to the Organiser before the closure of the exhibition. The Organiser will make a decision together with the Exhibition Committee.

All verbal agreements, individual authorisations and special regulations require written confirmation. The Organiser reserves the right to enact special regulations which will take precedence over the present Regulations.

Swiss law alone is applicable.
For any dispute not able to be settled amicably, the parties acknowledge the exclusive competence of the courts of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, subject to an appeal to the Supreme Court (Tribunal fédéral).
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The event The Pharma Days (hereinafter TPD) is owned by MIND EXHIBITIONS SAS, a limited liability company with capital of 1,000 euros registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 881 024 384, whose registered office is located at 37-39 Avenue Ledru Rollin, 75012,
Paris FRANCE (APE code: 8230Z / EU VAT: FR92881024384) and organised by PALEXPO SA (hereinafter the Organiser), company whose goal is to own, to manage and to operate the exhibition and congress center of Geneva / Switzerland (hereinafter PALEXPO).

This Agreement shall not be deemed to have been entered between you and the Organiser unless
The Organiser recognizes your registration by sending you an email to confirm your registration in
the Event. In this regard, acceptance shall be deemed to be valid for all purposes as of the
time of receipt of the confirmation email sent by the Organiser.
Visitors must register for the Company events before entering the show area. This can be done
online or onsite. Visitors are issued with a badge which they should wear and make visible at
all times while onsite. Visitor badges are not transferable. To ensure public safety, the Organizer
reserves the right to search visitors.
Please note that the Company tradeshows are also subject to the terms & conditions published
by the venue’s management.
Prices for products and services available at the Event shall be as indicated at the time of
purchase on the website of the Event. The Organiser reserves the right to change or modify said
prices at any time without notice.

The Delegate is informed that the information they provide to
the Organiser in view of their participation in TPD is collected and processed
by the Organiser.
The Organiser, as the person responsible for processing, collects and processes
personal data of the Delegate in the process of its Application to Participate in
TPD and its participation in TPD, in accordance with these General Conditions.
This personal information and data of the Delegate is also processed for security
purposes in order to comply with the legal and regulatory obligations of the
Organiser, and to allow the Organiser to improve and personalise their services.
Compulsory personal data to be provided are indicated as such as in the Application
to Participate. These data are required for the conclusion and execution
of the Contract between the Delegate and the Organiser, in particular in order
to provide the former with the Services he has signed up to with the Organiser.
Without these details, the Organiser will not be able to process the Applications
to Participate.
Depending on the choices made by the Visitor in its Application to Participate,
the Deleate may also receive commercial proposals and the latest news
on the activities and services of the Organiser via any channel of communications.
Where applicable, data belonging to the Visitor can be used, on the
basis of the consent provided by the Exhibitor (and which it can withdraw at any
time), to send it commercial propositions and information on the latest events
at the Organiser and/or their partners via any channel of communications.
The Organiser guarantees the Delegate that it will collect and process information
in accordance with legislation in force.
Only the internal teams of the Organiser and service providers intervening directly
within the framework of the organisation and management of TPD authorised
by the Organiser have access to personal data of the Delegate. Where
applicable, they can also be communicated to third parties according to the preference
expressed by the Deleate (for example, to official partners of TPD).
The Delegate also expressly authorises the Organiser to provide some of their
personal details to PALEXPO in view of TPD, in particular for reasons relating to
security and the organisation of TPD.
In accordance with regulations applicable, the Delegate has a right to access,
amend, and oppose the use of their data, as well as a right to delete their data,
restrict their use and to exercise the portability of their data. The Delegate
can exercise these rights at any time by writing directly to the Organiser by
post or via e-mail.
The personal data of the Delegate are retained for the duration of their commercial
relationship with the Organiser, then for a period of three (3) years from
the last expression of interest from the Delegate.
Data required to prove said relationship, those required to execute these general
conditions, and those required in order for the Organiser to comply with
its legal and regulatory obligations, are retained in accordance with provisions
in force.

The Organiser may not be held responsible for any errors and/or omissions, and reserves the right
to modify the information, specifications and description of the services listed.
The Organiser undertakes to correct any errors and/or omissions as soon as possible after being
informed of their existence.
To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Organiser offers its Website and its content “as is” and
does not grant any express and/or implicit guarantees in connection with said Website
and/or the information held in it, including, without limitation, commercial guarantees and
suitability for a specific purpose.
Furthermore, the Organiser does not represent or guarantee that the information accessed
through this Website is correct, complete or up-to-date.
The Organiser will accept no responsibility for any consequential damages and/or loss of profit,
loss or damage in the property and/or loss resulting from claims filed by third parties in
connection with the web pages of the Organiser and/or with any other services rendered to said
third parties.

The holding of conferences during the Event is conditional upon the number of visitors
expected. For this reason, once the tickets for a certain conference or congress date have
been purchased, you may neither cancel said purchase nor be entitled to the reimbursement
of any amounts made.
Only if the Event is cancelled will you be entitled to a reimbursement of the purchase price
Any actual or attempted illegal resale of tickets shall constitute sufficient ground for the
cancellation of said tickets, without the holder being entitled to any compensation
Tickets may be used neither for advertising, commercial or promotional purposes nor for
games, contests or gambling activities without the express and reliable authorization of
the Organiser.
The Organiser may change the date and/or place of the Event for organizational, technical or other
justifiable reasons. The Organiser undertakes to communicate any such changes to the Visitors as
soon as possible in order to reduce any inconveniences. Said communication will be made to
the Visitor at the email address written on the registration form.
The impossibility to attend the Event or any mistakes made when purchasing the tickets (for
instance, writing your email address incorrectly during the purchase process) are not
grounds for reimbursement of the ticket price.
You are not entitled to request any reimbursement of the ticket price unless the Event is
You may not cancel and/or terminate this agreement once the purchase has been
If you wish to change your ticket for another ticket of the same or higher price, you must
contact the Organiser. The Organiser will examine the feasibility of the change you are proposing.

Photographers may take pictures of exhibitors and delegates attending our events. By
Visiting TPD, participants accept that they may be photographed, filmed or recorded
for broad cast or promotional purposes and that this media may be used for advertising
purposes in event folders, brochures, or flyers; on websites and/or social media.

Only entrepreneurs and/or professional will be admitted to the Event. However, the Organiser
may allow the entrance of students and/or university personnel who fulfil the requirements
established by the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to admit to the Event any persons who
do not fulfil the requirements for professional registration. The Organiser reserves the right to
deny admission to any person.

The Web page may include links to web pages of third-party companies and entities.
The Organiser may not be held responsible for the way in which said companies deal with privacy
and personal data protection. Therefore, we recommend that you read the privacy policy
statements included on web pages not owned by the Organiser for more information about
personal data use, processing and protection, as the terms and conditions offered on said
pages may differ from those offered by the Organiser.

The information appearing on the Website is current as of the date of its most recent update.
The Organiser reserves to right to update, amend and/or eliminate any information included on
this Website.

Swiss law alone is applicable.
For any dispute not able to be settled amicably, the parties acknowledge the exclusive competence of the courts of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, subject to an appeal to the Supreme Court (Tribunal fédéral).

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